Walk and Talk Therapy Manchester

UPDATE APRIL 2021 – I am willing to consider this option for people, however it can be challenging to schedule given some of my sessions are in Central Manchester and some online from Denton, along with admin time etc but now the lighter nights and warmer weather is (theoretically!) on the way, this type of session may once again be an option.

Walk and Talk Counselling/Psychotherapy is an alternative to traditional therapy settings where client and therapist sit in chair in a room in a building to to their talking.

Walk and talk therapy takes the process out into the world, and a city like Manchester offers opportunities to make the therapeutic space gritty and urban or situated in a peaceful, natural setting,

I have often likened the therapeutic process to one where where the therapist treads the path of life with the client for a while, and with walk and talk therapy this becomes a little more literal – although for those who find the idea of walking for an hour too challenging, there are usual ample opportunities to find a park bench or other seating away from others.

In an an alternative setting such as this is it important to be mindful of confidentiality issues such as being overheard by other or bumping into friends/family, but we can always agree on a mutually suitable way of managing such situations.

The current lockdown restrictions have been frustrating for many, and perhaps as people turn to therapy to begin to explore their reactions, emotions and ways forward, sitting sealed up in yet another room is perhaps not an idea people relish just now.  Walk and talk sessions offer a constructive way to meet face to face and walk the path together for a an hour, while maintaining a safe distance in conditions that minimise any risk of virus transmission.

Fees for this service can vary, at the moment I am currently offering a sliding scale of £35-£80 per hour depending on what people can afford. I am currently only able to offer this service in areas close to me but as lockdown restrictions ease and I am able to travel further afield, costs may rise if you wish me to travel to a park close to you, so it’s usually more cost effective to travel to me (or we can meet in the middle).

Due to the nature of this kind of therapeutic activity, there is usually less of a formal set time. One hour is standard, but I am willing to negotiate longer times and discuss costs accordingly.  We may also need to ensure that any terrain is suitable for both of us as while a mountain climb may be the ultimate in outdoor therapy, it might be worth remembering I may not be as fit as I used to be!!

If you are interested please get in touch and perhaps one day soon we can walk the path together for a little while and enjoy some of the peace and calm that being out in nature can offer.