Relationship Counselling

Couples Counselling – about my work with couples or other close relationships

This sort of work is often known as couples counselling, or relationship counselling. In addition to my individual counselling work, I am happy to work with two people who are in a romantic relationship or marriage, as well as other relationships such as family or friendships. I offer a safe, non judgmental space to facilitate communication and work towards resolving conflicts and moving forward. Often, just being in a different environment with a skilled therapist to mediate, can help to start the process of working through your relationship problems. I can help you improve your understanding of each other, and help you say the things that might need to be said to each other to help you get “unstuck”.

When we first meet, there will be three people in the room, and two of you will know much more about each other than I can ever hope to know. I will do my best to get to know more about you during the session so I can help with a productive discussion of the issues you have brought, and will aim to be non judgmental, both to you as individuals and to you as part of the unique relationship you bring into the session.

I will not take any one side over another (rather than not being on anyone’s side, I aim to be on both your sides, and on the side of the relationship). I do not have the answers, an agenda, or a set idea of how your relationship should be. My primary role is to ensure that both of you are heard and are able to say what you need to say. It may be very difficult for both of you at times, as this might be a very different way of communicating than you are used to. What is important is that we work towards a clearer understanding of what each of you is saying, needing and wanting, and that you find ways to move towards a solution that is more satisfactory for you both. You may find out things about each other that you didn’t know previously, because there hasn’t been a chance to say it before, and we will be able to look at the positives in your relationship, as well as the problems you have been experiencing.

After the first session, you may feel you have made some progress and choose not to book another session right away, or you may feel another session soon will be helpful. We can discuss this at the end of the session, or you may prefer some time to assess whether the session has been helpful for you both. If the session does not turn out to be productive for you there is no obligation to continue.

I only currently offer this service in Manchester City Centre, couples counselling sessions are £90 per one hour or £120 for 1.5 hours session.

I am welcoming and affirmative, and have experience of working with same sex/gender couples (eg gay, bi and lesbian couples counselling), mixed gender relationships, swingers, people in poly relationships or other alternative lifestyles and sexual expressions, and am a kink/BDSM aware therapist and affirmative of any consensual choices that adults make in their relationships.  This also means there is nothing you can bring to sessions that will shock me or make me feel uncomfortable, and you certainly won’t be judged for your lifestyle or relationship choices.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.