Psychedelic Integration Therapy

Please note that there has been some misunderstanding of this page due to a misunderstanding of the term “psychedelic integration”.  I DO NOT PROVIDE PSYCHEDELICS OR PSYCHEDELIC THERAPY, I ONLY OFFER A SPACE TO TALK ABOUT THESE THINGS.  Thank you for understanding!

I offer psychedelic integration therapy and counselling work in Manchester City Centre or at other locations. Psychedelic integration is a phrase which can include preparation for a psychedelic experience or processing a difficult or challenging experience (or “bad trip”) after it has happened.

Everyone is unique so some people may want to discuss their intentions and plans prior to commencing a psychedelic experience, and process the experience afterwards, while some people may have stumbled through a difficult experience and need some help making sense of what happened. Many times a “bad” trip will have brought up troubling feelings such as anxiety, sadness, fear or questioning of self and reality, and it can be helpful to discuss such experiences and make sense of them with a skilled and knowledgeable person in a confidential setting.

“Psychedelic” is used to refer to substances such as LSD, mushrooms, Ayahuasca, DMT or other entheogens and psychedelics. It is important to note that these substances are usually illegal in the uk and I can in no way provide real time psychedelic assisted therapy or supply any psychedelic substance whatsoever. However, it is a reality that people do take these substances and my purpose in providing this service is harm reduction. Additionally, there are countries who have more liberal laws and philosophies on what people are allowed to do with their own minds, and there is nothing to stop anyone having such experiences in another country.

I am an experienced therapist generally (trained to Masters Level in Counselling & Psychotherapy) and also have extensive knowledge of psychedelics.

If you have any questions the best thing to do is contact me and we can have a look at what you need and look at arranging an initial session.