Counselling Supervision Manchester and Online

I am a qualified and experienced supervisor and offer Clinical and Professional Supervision in Manchester City Centre and, as of 2020, remotely via online platforms. I offer a free introductory meeting of around half an hour to discuss how we might work together, including discussion of fees (I offer a sliding scale for qualified counsellors depending on nature of work, caseload and income, whether employer contributes to supervision costs etc).  I have years of experience of externally supervising counsellors and other staff in IAPT, EAPs, Youth organisations, LGBT support and domestic violence workers so am happy to consider external supervision arrangements with employers.

The rise of online counselling and supervision means it is now much easier for people to find an appropriate supervisor if there is less choice in their geographical area, for example in some areas it may be difficult to find someone with experience of working with LGBTQIA issues and you may be looking for a queer-informed supervisor to help you in your work. My supervision caseload, similarly to my counselling caseload, is no longer limited to the areas in and around Manchester so if you feel we might be a good fit you are welcome to get in touch wherever you are (though of course I would likely not be able to supervise anyone from other countries unless they were working within an ex-pat setting and abiding by British models, law and ethical procedures, eg BACP). If you’re looking for an LGBT supervisor then I’d be happy to look at working with you.

I am happy to supervise people working in a wide range of areas, but have particular experience of supervising therapists who work in the areas of sexual and gender diversity, among others, and also supervising therapists in private practice as well as external supervision for IAPT etc. I also supervise non-counselling staff from a range of professional organisations (eg youth workers, social workers, pastoral workers in education, nursing staff and other roles).  My supervision tends to focus on process and relationship rather than the formal rules and regulations.  It is a supportive space to explore your relationship to your work, yourself, and to encourage you and enable you to self care and be the best practitioner you can be without detriment to yourself.

I offer a facilitative environment where the supervisory relationship is key. The unique relationship between supervisor and supervisee has important differences from a relationship between therapist and client, but is still underpinned by the core conditions of empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard. I have trained in the Hawkins and Shohet Seven Eyed Supervision model to give me additional perspectives and tools for the supervision process.

I do not consider myself an integrative or eclectic therapist – although what constitutes a “pure” Person Centred approach is up for discussion and debate, I do consider my personal philosophy and way of working to be very much rooted in the Person Centred Approach and this is my core attitude towards both counselling and supervision, however I do have knowledge of other models and more integrative approaches and am happy to offer supervision to people who might practise therapy in different ways.  I am unlikely however, to be able to supervise CBT practitioners as that model is very alien to me and I do not have sufficient knowledge to offer such supervision.

Please do contact me for further details or if you have any questions about my supervision services online or in Manchester (I am of course more than happy to meet you in person if possible!)