Confidential Transcription

I offer confidential transcription of counselling sessions or research interviews, which may be used for example for a dissertation or other assignment. As a counsellor and BACP member I understand the importance of confidentiality and am able to work respectfully with sensitive content.

I offer near verbatim transcription for £50 per 50 minutes/hour of audio (for example if you have want me to transcribe a counselling session or research interview and it is 50 minutes, 52 minutes, or 57 minutes or one hour I will charge a flat fee of £50 – or £75 for around 90 minutes. Lengths in between can be negotiated)

“Near verbatim” means that the transcription is suitable for assignment purposes. It will not include every single “erm”, “ahh” cough, sigh, and pause, and will not include timing of every pause within the recording. It is intended for students submitting an assignment and not the super-accurate requirements of a legal or other type of transcription.

I offer a turnaround time of 3-4 days currently, but this will be agreed beforehand.

Recordings need to be clear and I will do my best to interpret muffled or distorted sections.

MP3 recordings may be emailed, but WAV or CD recordings may need to be sent by regular mail or dropped off at my Manchester offices. I will advise on the best course of action at the time of enquiry.

Payment will be on notification of completion of transcription, and at this point the transcription will be emailed to you in Word format or another format if agreed on receipt of payment.