Nice to see I’ve been reviewed on a Website reviewing all things Manchester!

In the huge range of professions, there are some that tend to remain anonymous, working diligently behind the scenes without ever basking in the glow of recognition. I’ve always found solace, meaning and reward in my work, knowing that I’m making a difference to people’s lives, even if it goes unnoticed and under the radar of most people. However, I recently got quite a lift when I was featured on  local Manchester review website, Master Manchester. This unexpected recognition shed light on my otherwise obscure profession and reminded me of the joy that comes with being acknowledged for one’s skills!

Ironically the one downside of the review was the acknowledgement that sometimes my availability can be low and sometimes I have to operate a waiting list – I guess this is one of the downsides of being an established, experienced therapist and being very good at what I do.  Word clearly gets around and it’s lovely to get a small amount of public recognition from a local review site.

You can read the review and more at:

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