Why Me? Choosing the right therapist for you

You may have arrived at my site because I am recommended, or it may be that you came here via a web search.  I would urge you not to pick me just because it’s the first site you came across and I sound great, have qualifications etc.  Have a think about what is important to you – is the therapist’s age important, how about their gender?  Do you need someone from a certain background or who specialises in certain areas? Not all therapists are cut from the same cookie sheet and with so many qualifications, professional bodies, directories and websites the choice can sometimes feel overwhelming. You may want to use a mix of how you feel someone comes across, and knowledge about their qualifications and experience, how they present themselves, etc.  If unsure, get in touch and ask. Most therapists will be willing to answer a few questions or connect briefly on the phone for a short conversation (though some, myself included, will charge for anything other than a brief chat for the practical reason that time is money and this is my livelihood and unfortunately good intentions don’t pay the bills!).

If you feel you wish to get in touch feel free, you can contact me easily, if not, I wish you well in your search for a counsellor/therapist and if you do choose to work with me it will be an honour and privilege to be of service to you.