Some of my clients have been willing to briefly share how their experience of counselling with me has helped them, and I include these here. To protect confidentiality, I do not include any identifying information but all comments are genuine.

“I really didn’t see how it could help at first, but had nothing to lose so thought I’d give it a try, not really expecting much. It ended up being the best money I’ve ever spent.” JK, Manchester, 2016.

‘I went to see Rob at a really dark point in my life – in particular I was having relationship problems and felt very low. Rob guided me towards organising my thoughts and working out what was right for me. it helped so much to have someone listen unjudgementally and whereas others around me all seemed to be telling me what they thought I should do, Rob’s professional experienced approach was to steer me towards my own answers’ Miss RL, Bolton, 2015.

“I was quite nervous and unsure before seeing Rob for the first time, but he is very easy to talk to and put me at ease. When I decided to end the counselling I was in a much better place and really glad I took that first step.” Mr HA, Manchester, 2015

“Rob is very intuitive and seemed to just get where I was coming from. It was so nice to feel like someone understood me, without judging me. I felt really safe with Rob and was able to make changes in my life that he supported me with during the counselling.” Mrs B, Ashton, 2014