Covid/Lockdown Concerns, Anxiety, Distress and Grief.

If you are feeling anxious, angry, distressed, lost, sad or stressed since the events of 2020 changed all our lives, you are not alone.  The feelings you have are completely understandable, normal and there is nothing wrong with you.  Perhaps you are grieving over the lost time, the death of a loved one, job or study programme. Perhaps you are angry that measures were taken to protect others that had a dramatic impact on your life – something you were not asked to do, something which did not take your needs into account, something that stole a part of your life, or even your whole life from you for a time.

I totally understand. The events since March 2020 have had a profound impact on all of us, in all kinds of ways, and has even created further divisions within society when we had enough to contend with already.

Please be assured, whatever the impact has been on you – whether of Covid itself, or the measures taken (ie lockdowns and restrictions), you will find a non-judgmental environment to talk through these issues and will not find an agenda here or find your feelings of loss and anger dismissed or pushed aside for the “greater good”.