Counselling and Psychotherapy for Students

Many students on counselling or other courses are required to attend counselling/psychotherapy as part of the personal development requirements of their course. This can be a challenging but rewarding part of the process, both for the students and myself as a therapist, and personally I really enjoy giving something back to the profession which has given me so much.

I have substantial experience of working with students from a range of counselling, psychotherapy, counselling psychology and other courses, and have worked with Music Therapy and Play Therapy students as well as students from counselling/psychotherapy courses at all levels from college to undergraduate and postgraduate students. I am able to work at the deeper therapeutic levels required by many courses currently and am aware of the procedures and requirements.

I offer a free initial meeting and block booking discounts for counselling students. My current fee is £40 per individual session or £175 (£35 per session) if booked in blocks of 5 or more sessions). I make no charge for any paperwork or reports that are required.

Why not make an initial enquiry via my contact page and see if we might be suited to work together?