June 18th – Current Availability

I currently have immediate availability for email counselling only. For more information please visit my email counselling page

I will have availability for new face to face and telephone counselling clients from Monday June 29th, please enquire for details if interested.

Please note the best way to contact me is by this contact form or direct to my email address.  You can also WhatsApp, but bear in mind I may read your message and take a while to reply depending on time of day etc.

I am now working face to face again but am still offering email counselling.  If you are interested or have any concerns regarding Covid-19 in relation to my services, please visit the Covid-19 Information Page

My counselling service in Manchester city centre re-opened Monday June 8th.  I will only be working from Piccadilly House for the time being.  As I am still working with a number of clients remotely, and also need to re-connect with clients who have paused during the last phase of the Covid lockdown, I will have limited availability to new clients for a few weeks.  As I am implementing some new processes and working methods, the booking process is likely to be a little less smooth than usual while my practice goes through this transition period so thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!

If you do wish to consider making a face to face appointment, I am currently offering these on a first come first served basis as slots become available.  In practice, this is basically a waiting list. My existing clients will have priority in the next few weeks but if they do not wish to resume face to face counselling as yet, I will be able to release their slot and offer to those on the waiting list.  Please note there is no waiting time for email counselling due to its more flexible nature.

Initial assessment appointments last one hour, and any admin such as assessment and paperwork now takes place online either before or after the first sesssion. Payment is also online only, as it has been for some time, and is required to confirm the booking.

Initial sessions (assessments) are simply a chance for us to have a chat in some detail about your concerns, look at how I can help, and discuss practical steps such as frequency and timing of any future appointments.

My usual working days in Manchester are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at Piccadilly House, and Thursdays at 64 Bridge Street. I mainly work afternoons and evenings with first appointments around 1.30pm and last appointments up to 7.30/8pm.  On busy days I will be in sessions with clients all day and then tied up with admin and paperwork, so please be patient in waiting for responses from me.

I appreciate that hard times have meant many people have reduced incomes, for this reason I am currently offering a sliding scale of fees – in other words, within certain limits, pay what you can afford/think appropriate for you.  Due to my own costs and needs I need to set a minimum of £40 per session, up to a suggested maximum of £100 (if you are on a high income which has been unaffected by the lockdown, higher fees will help me in the recovery of my practice and also help me support those who are on lower incomes, I would hope to lower the suggested minimum fee if enough people pay higher fees to make it work out!).  This will be a new way of working for me and I may review it depending on how it works out.

You do not have to give me lots of information, although may add a little background info if you wish.  It can be very helpful if you mention what sorts of times you are looking for as this helps me to respond with appropriate availability.

Please be assured that I treat all emails and other enquiries as confidential information.

It’s helpful if you can state when you can attend so I can see if it would fit my schedule. Thank you.

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